Concept: Winamp Makeover [developing]

Winamp came out in 1997, and all this time it has been a top pick when it comes to Windows audio players. Super-lightweight, straightforward and possessing killer features, everything about this application seems right, despite the fact that it hasn’t received a decent makeover since forever.

Modern skin

Winamp has then gained three different default skins: the classic, “Modern” and the current “Bento”. The latter dates back to 2007, and was quite successful when it comes to bringing Winamp’s looks to the then present, although keeping most of the structure similar to its 90’s counterparts. Nowadays, though, Bento looks really outmoded.

Winamp Bento

All three default skins are present to this very day, bundled with the current Winamp 5.63. And it is the classic skin, unchanged since 1998, that bares the most aesthetically pleasing graphics to this day. It is so old that it already looks vintage in a stylish sense.


But let’s face the truth, times have changed and it’s time to bring our favorite music listening software to 2013. I’ve started to develop this concept that aims at keeping all the stuff people got used to and love about Winamp and yet refreshing and uncluttering the user interface. Also, I thought of some interesting and useful new features that could be a part of it.

The library and equalizer panels are yet to be designed, but I hope you enjoy what I’ve came up with so far.